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Sunshine Bliss August 11 2014

Michael Kors, Christian Dior and J.W. Anderson, to name just a few top end designers, S/S 2014 collection emerged with a fabulously bright colour trend of that of the ‘Yellow’ colour palette. Yellow is the new pink this season and plays a dominant role over many genres within the fashion lines due to its vibrant, stimulating qualities. This season’s go to shade comes in a variety of different tones which is of benefit to us Irish as we sport many different complexions. The intensity of the shade you choose depends on your skin tone and most importantly the love of the colour. Here are my tonal tips when choosing the correct shade to suit your complexion.

For those who are pale with the Irish freckle breaking through who have warm tones in your hair I would advise a warmer shade of yellow such as ‘Daffodil’.

For the ladies with darker hair tones and jewel like eyes you need an intense shade of yellow, so I would look towards ‘Primrose’ Shades.

Those who have blonde to grey tones in their hair and are either fair or tanned skin I would opt for a cooler yellow palette such as a ‘Lemon Yellow’

As it’s one of the key colour trends this season my advice is try it on as I can guarantee there is a shade of yellow for every complexion. 



 Myrtle Dress

Ray Of Light Dress Sophie Yellow Laura Dress


Happy Shopping x x x

Maximum impact July 16 2014

One item of clothing that is a must this season no matter what height, size or age you are is the MAXI dress. This is an easy one fix wonder which can take you from day to night by simply re-adjusting your accessories. However some ladies have issue’s with this garment when it comes to purchasing the ideal style to suit their body shape. So I have made it my aim to tackle and put to rest any conundrums  that might face you when it comes to camouflaging  5 key problem areas.


Large Bust:

-Deep V neckline is great to minimize a large bust.

-Thicker straps allow you to wear a supportive bra.

-Keep detail to a minimum around the bust area as the more detailing and material there are the larger your bust will look.


Small Bust: 

-The more elaborate the detail around the chest area the better as this will help emphasize a smaller chest.

-Ideally you would avoid deep V’s or scooped necklines as they will showcase the lack of a bust line. Stick with a higher neckline if possible.

-Finish the look by adding a long pendant, chain or necklace which will assist in adding further bulk to this area.


Prominent Stomach

-Detailing around the neckline will distract the eye to a more flattering aspect of your body.

-Ruching across the front will help give a slimmer silhouette as it discreetly camouflage’s any stomach issues.

-The Empire-line will glide over your stomach as this style of dress/top gently comes out into an A to skim your stomach, hip and thigh region.



Petite Lady: 

-The heavier the material the better as it falls straight down which is flattering for a petite frame.

-Empire line dresses are ideal as they lengthen the body.

-Go for a smaller print as to avoid over powering your look.

- Its important to remember the smaller you are the narrower the ends of your fabrics should be, so avoid any dresses where the hemline is too full or flouncy.


Wide Hips:

-The wider and more detailing on straps the more your body is balanced. So if you find your bottom heavy then you need to emphasize your shoulder line which in turn will give a balanced silhouette. So wear cap sleeves, puff sleeves, a structured shoulder line, sow in shoulder pads or go for tops/dresses that have detailed stitch around the shoulder area.

-A nipped in waist will draw the eye upwards to a more flattering part of your body – your waist line.

-Avoid bulk, fuss or detailing around the hip area.


Here are our maxi's that are in store now!


Black Pleat MaxiGood Times Pink DressPixalated Rose Maxi DressFlared Maxi Dress


Happy Shopping x x x

Work That Dress June 18 2014

Work wear every year is evolving and developing into more of a womanly, stylish yet powerful attire. To achieve all three statements can sometimes be a task in itself but when this look is accomplished you will feel feminine, sexy, authoritative and above all confident. Even though power dressing can evoke all these emotions a large number of women believe that it’s a waste of their hard earned cash spending it on work wear, but what I constantly tell women why look and feel fantastic on Saturday night - which is just one night of the week, when you can feel beautiful five days a week? Suits will always be in vogue but to keep it more on trend you need to add a feminine touch such as a high waist trouser’s, cropped fitted jacket or cigarette leg pants. What I find most women are leaning towards is the dress ensemble. It’s your work wear sorted in one easy look.  So here are a sample of work wear dresses available at Picket Fence.

Tess Dress Black & White Monoflower Dress Cobalt Blue Audrey Dress Chloe Dress


Happy Shopping x x x

Get Minted May 22 2014

One colour trend which is dominating the fashion world this season is that of the mint hue. We are seeing this delicate shade been embraced and extending to all genres of fashion from totes to shoes, to dresses and jackets and even down to our nail polish. This tonal palette is fresh and uplifting and will awaken any dull tiresome ensembles that have crept from your winter wardrobe into that of our S/S wearables.  This however is a tricky colour trend to wear as consideration needs to be given towards the shade of mint you are deliberating on purchasing. If you are pale skin with fair hair then opt for a darker shade of mint as a light shade will inevitable wash you out. Remember, if the dress is a great fit and shape then there is nothing a bit of tan can’t fix! For the sallow skin girls you have the best of both worlds as you can choose between the light and darker options.


Chrysanthemum Print Dress Orion Dress Petal Sleeve Dress Mayfair Mint and Cream Dress


Happy Shopping x x x

Luscious Lace May 10 2014

Lace is a fabric that is not moving out of the reach of many a top designer this season. No matter what the season lace has a dominant fashionable role to play. When we think of lace, elegance, demure and femininity are key words that come to mind. This is a fabric that can take on many genre’s within the fashion realm, whether it be a dress, top, jacket or shoes. We can see lace as a key component to the finished product. Lace as a fabric has never dipped within its popularity status as the key selling component to this fabric is that it’s ageless. No matter what your age you can inject some lace into your life. Here are some samples of fabulous lace numbers available from us At Picket Fence. 


Gracie Grey Dress Sienna Dress Powder Blue Gracy Satin Coral Dress Mayfair Mint and Cream


Happy Shopping x x x 

Monochrome Madness April 15 2014

It’s a colour palette most prominently associated with the cooler, winter months but this S/S see’s the monochrome trend in full force and been a top go to palette for any forthcoming occasions. The mix of black and white hues will never date and offers those of us who shy away from the colourful neon looks a fashionable escape route for the warmers months. The stark contrast between the dull black and the brightness of the white is a masterful blended combination that we will never tire of.  If you want to put your own refreshing stamp on this stylish trend then inject a splash of colour by means of your accessories, or keep it simple and demure like Channel would have wanted. 

Alexandra Dress Sadie Dress Reese Dress Black and White Dress


Happy Shopping x x x

Spring/Summer Prints April 09 2014

There is no getting away from print this year. It is strong and more intense then it has every been before. We are not just seeing delicate floral prints which we have come accustomed too; they are vivid, stronger and bolder. We are seeing kaleidoscope print, polka dots, check print, geometric prints, the list goes on. So for those of us who shy away from a daring print number my advice is to embrace it and try add a bit of depth to your ensemble. My one rule of thumb is add print to the more flattering part of your body so for example if you are top heavy then stick with print on the bottom half and vice versa for ladies who are larger on the bottom. Here are some electric print numbers available in store or to buy on line.

Backless Wonder Dress Aztec Mosaic Dress                       Liddy Skirt    Chambray Spotty Dress




Happy Shopping x x x 

And They're Off! April 01 2014

The anticipation of leaning over the rail, with your race book in one hand  and betting slip in another while your heart pounds as you wait for the flag to be raised, thinking to yourself maybe this once you picked a winner! Well, this might not be everyone’s experience at the races. More often then not the anticipation is experienced in the weeks preceding a race meeting for a number of fashionable race goers. The task of selecting that one perfect dress which you feel, will inevitably have you standing on the winners podium is a time consuming process. With all the major race meetings coming up, I decided to make your life easier and show you some spectacular dresses which are on offer.

Remember, every judge loves when you put your own personal touch to an outfit which will make your look unique and special. So be bold and daring with your choices as if the judges’ head doesn't turn you still will have a fabulously stylish girl’s day out. 


Florenece Turquoise Dress Peplum Lady Dress Gracie Dress Grey Elegance Dress


Happy Shopping x x x

Denim Overload March 24 2014

Denim is a staple that is in our wardrobe year in year out. It is reliable, hard wearing and lends itself to a variety of different looks from just one simple fabric. You can take denim down so many complex fashionable roads. It can be manish yet sexy, sleek or slouchy it truly depends on what mood you are in. Like the last few season’s, S/S 2014 is not going to be any different when it comes to the overwhelming choice of denim variables on display. We are seeing it in shirts, shorts, jackets, dresses and the dungaree is not taking a back seat either! So here is a glimpse as to what delightful denim treasures and denim colour palette's that are on offer in Picket Fence Boutique. 


Anchor Print Dress Chambry Spotty Dress Anja Print Dress



Happy Shopping x x x