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Prominent Stomach February 24 2014

By Maria Kelly

When we all think of the tummy a mixture of emotions comes to mind – "I wish it could be flatter, I wish the wobbly bits weren’t as wobbly". Unfortunately there is no magic potion we can take that will help give us the desired result without coming to the realisation we need to start those tummy crunches!! If you have not the time, nor the energy to get down and sweaty on the floor then the next best thing is wearing the right clothes. Camouflaging is an art in itself. There are some major do’s and don’ts when it comes to eluding the eye of a flatter stomach. I have listed my top rules to follow for a successful flattering silhouette.


  •  Ruched detailing on tops and dresses
  • Empire line style tops and dresses - make sure pleating is kept to a minimum as it verges on maternity wear
  • Wrap over style dresses/tops
  • Attract the eye to a more flattering aspect of the body e.g. go for detailing around the chest area
  • Invest in a good bra as once you have everything in the right position this will give a slimmer silhouette
  • Go for single breasted jackets, left undone
  • Stick with small lapels in your coat/jacket
  • Make sure your trouser’s land around your belly button area which will help give you the best support


  • Double breasted jackets
  • Belts that are too tight
  • Tight vest tops
  • Super skinny jeans can cause an over hang
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Happy Shopping x x x