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Get Minted May 22 2014

One colour trend which is dominating the fashion world this season is that of the mint hue. We are seeing this delicate shade been embraced and extending to all genres of fashion from totes to shoes, to dresses and jackets and even down to our nail polish. This tonal palette is fresh and uplifting and will awaken any dull tiresome ensembles that have crept from your winter wardrobe into that of our S/S wearables.  This however is a tricky colour trend to wear as consideration needs to be given towards the shade of mint you are deliberating on purchasing. If you are pale skin with fair hair then opt for a darker shade of mint as a light shade will inevitable wash you out. Remember, if the dress is a great fit and shape then there is nothing a bit of tan can’t fix! For the sallow skin girls you have the best of both worlds as you can choose between the light and darker options.


Chrysanthemum Print Dress Orion Dress Petal Sleeve Dress Mayfair Mint and Cream Dress


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