Terrific Tunics July 04 2015

When all is said and done we all like to have something functional and comfy in our wardrobe. That's where the tunic comes in. They are not fitted so they don't show off the dreaded lumps and bumps.

Having said that some are more structured then others which leaves them comfortable but flattering.

Long sleeves are probably the norm but they do come with short sleeves or even sleeveless.

The important thing to remember when buying a tunic is to buy your size and not to be tempted to buy a size smaller just because it feels loose. This will defeat the purpose.

Every wardrobe should have one! They are an essential staple, like our LBD you will pull it out again which will ensure sufficient cost per wear is achieved.

Here are some tunics from our Boutique.

                                                Penny Smiles          Leafy Jewel   Chiffon Tunic   Pleat Inset


Happy Shopping x x x 


By: Suzanne Halpin