Confirming Fashion. April 22 2015


It's always hard to dress a teenage girl. They haven't quite finished growing but their mind seems to have shot ahead. Getting the balance between adult and child is never easy.

Firstly concentrate on the colour. Bright is best, being young the only thing standing in the way of colour is if they actually hate that colour. Even if black is their favourite you can always go black but make sure there is a little hint of something bright that you can pick out for a cardigan or jacket.

Next is the cut. Nothing too daring and nothing too short, you have the excuse of the church for this one. Take into account your daughters shape. Soft pleats on the waist are good if they have not quite developed a waist yet. A full skirt with a gathered waistline will give some shape where it is needed.

Here are some confirmation style dresses from our boutique.


       Botanic Posy Print   

  Mountain Print Dress  Spotty Floral Dress Lace Jacquard


Happy Shopping x x x 


By Suzanne Halpin