New Year Is Here January 16 2015

Christmas is well and truly over and we are facing into a new year again with unlimited fashionable possibilities! What will the Designers have us wearing this S/S 2015? What is the new colour palette going to be? There is no doubt television and cinema now has a big influence on fashion, particularly Downton Abbey. The 1920's era was certainly obvious in party wear themed attire over the Christmas with beautiful dropped waist dresses and fabulously embellished fabrics. This is not going away any time soon!

Fabrics for the new season will be richer with strong tapestry and small style patterns.

Pastel and candy hues will dominate again. We will see cool blues, sorbet yellows and blush pinks taking front stage. 

Lace of course is still being used whether it is just as a small detail or completely covering a dress. 

Here is a sample of the above from the Picket Fence Boutique.



  Daisy Sequin  Black And Cream     Lexi


Happy Shopping!


By Suzanne Halpin