Simply Sleeves. December 24 2014

What is it about us Irish women and sleeves. We have a dreaded fear of revealing our upper arms!

Cap Sleeve: Some of us are happy enough with a little cap sleeve, which covers the bare minimum but is just enough to give the us confidence needed. 

3/4 Length: The longer three quarter length definitely will cover the so called 'bad' bits and gives a certain elegance to a top or dress. Designers such as our own Niamh O'Neill tend to go with this particular cut as it suits their elegant style.

Full Length: The full length sleeve is for the most time chosen for comfort and heat. But not anymore as we have some sexy, stylish full length sleeves in stock now!

As it's party season and of course we all want to look amazing the thought of  a long sleeve might sometimes  seem too safe and heaven forbid look frumpy, but never fear! Though a lot of party dresses are indeed sleeveless, you can still get some with sleeves. A Sheer sleeve is going to cover everything you want but still stick with the party theme. Lace sleeves can also be a go to during the Christmas party season..

So if it is a sleeve you want a sleeve you shall have. Here are my top picks available in store now at Picketfence.


Alexandra Dress Tribes Dress Autumn Rose Tunic Gracy Orange


Happy Shopping x x x


By Suzanne Halpin