Maximum impact July 16 2014

One item of clothing that is a must this season no matter what height, size or age you are is the MAXI dress. This is an easy one fix wonder which can take you from day to night by simply re-adjusting your accessories. However some ladies have issue’s with this garment when it comes to purchasing the ideal style to suit their body shape. So I have made it my aim to tackle and put to rest any conundrums  that might face you when it comes to camouflaging  5 key problem areas.


Large Bust:

-Deep V neckline is great to minimize a large bust.

-Thicker straps allow you to wear a supportive bra.

-Keep detail to a minimum around the bust area as the more detailing and material there are the larger your bust will look.


Small Bust: 

-The more elaborate the detail around the chest area the better as this will help emphasize a smaller chest.

-Ideally you would avoid deep V’s or scooped necklines as they will showcase the lack of a bust line. Stick with a higher neckline if possible.

-Finish the look by adding a long pendant, chain or necklace which will assist in adding further bulk to this area.


Prominent Stomach

-Detailing around the neckline will distract the eye to a more flattering aspect of your body.

-Ruching across the front will help give a slimmer silhouette as it discreetly camouflage’s any stomach issues.

-The Empire-line will glide over your stomach as this style of dress/top gently comes out into an A to skim your stomach, hip and thigh region.



Petite Lady: 

-The heavier the material the better as it falls straight down which is flattering for a petite frame.

-Empire line dresses are ideal as they lengthen the body.

-Go for a smaller print as to avoid over powering your look.

- Its important to remember the smaller you are the narrower the ends of your fabrics should be, so avoid any dresses where the hemline is too full or flouncy.


Wide Hips:

-The wider and more detailing on straps the more your body is balanced. So if you find your bottom heavy then you need to emphasize your shoulder line which in turn will give a balanced silhouette. So wear cap sleeves, puff sleeves, a structured shoulder line, sow in shoulder pads or go for tops/dresses that have detailed stitch around the shoulder area.

-A nipped in waist will draw the eye upwards to a more flattering part of your body – your waist line.

-Avoid bulk, fuss or detailing around the hip area.


Here are our maxi's that are in store now!


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