Work That Dress June 18 2014

Work wear every year is evolving and developing into more of a womanly, stylish yet powerful attire. To achieve all three statements can sometimes be a task in itself but when this look is accomplished you will feel feminine, sexy, authoritative and above all confident. Even though power dressing can evoke all these emotions a large number of women believe that it’s a waste of their hard earned cash spending it on work wear, but what I constantly tell women why look and feel fantastic on Saturday night - which is just one night of the week, when you can feel beautiful five days a week? Suits will always be in vogue but to keep it more on trend you need to add a feminine touch such as a high waist trouser’s, cropped fitted jacket or cigarette leg pants. What I find most women are leaning towards is the dress ensemble. It’s your work wear sorted in one easy look.  So here are a sample of work wear dresses available at Picket Fence.

Tess Dress Black & White Monoflower Dress Cobalt Blue Audrey Dress Chloe Dress


Happy Shopping x x x