And They're Off! April 01 2014

The anticipation of leaning over the rail, with your race book in one hand  and betting slip in another while your heart pounds as you wait for the flag to be raised, thinking to yourself maybe this once you picked a winner! Well, this might not be everyone’s experience at the races. More often then not the anticipation is experienced in the weeks preceding a race meeting for a number of fashionable race goers. The task of selecting that one perfect dress which you feel, will inevitably have you standing on the winners podium is a time consuming process. With all the major race meetings coming up, I decided to make your life easier and show you some spectacular dresses which are on offer.

Remember, every judge loves when you put your own personal touch to an outfit which will make your look unique and special. So be bold and daring with your choices as if the judges’ head doesn't turn you still will have a fabulously stylish girl’s day out. 


Florenece Turquoise Dress Peplum Lady Dress Gracie Dress Grey Elegance Dress


Happy Shopping x x x