Denim Overload March 24 2014

Denim is a staple that is in our wardrobe year in year out. It is reliable, hard wearing and lends itself to a variety of different looks from just one simple fabric. You can take denim down so many complex fashionable roads. It can be manish yet sexy, sleek or slouchy it truly depends on what mood you are in. Like the last few season’s, S/S 2014 is not going to be any different when it comes to the overwhelming choice of denim variables on display. We are seeing it in shirts, shorts, jackets, dresses and the dungaree is not taking a back seat either! So here is a glimpse as to what delightful denim treasures and denim colour palette's that are on offer in Picket Fence Boutique. 


Anchor Print Dress Chambry Spotty Dress Anja Print Dress



Happy Shopping x x x